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10 Ways to Write Clean JavaScript Code

Presented by: Avindra Fernando
Time: Thursday, Jan. 13, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Written in just 10 days, JavaScript continues to be very successful in modern software development. The flexibility of JavaScript empowered rapid innovation in software. But, this flexibility comes at a cost of readable, maintainable, and scalable JavaScript code.

Over the years, after working with JavaScript, there are many things that I have learned the hard way. JavaScript and its ecosystem is fast changing. When you think you have grasped a concept in JavaScript, it loves to throw another curveball at you.

In this talk, let's discuss 10 ways that I found useful to write clean JavaScript code. These guidelines will help you keep the clutter away, and write maintainable JavaScript code.

Room: ZambeziLevel: Intermediate