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End the Stigma: Become a Mental Health Ally

Presented by: Matt Williams

It is estimated that in the US, approximately one in five will
experience mental illness each year.

The incidence among IT professionals is likely higher -- a Japanese study of Software Engineers found that 32% of the participants suffered from depression or other mental illness.

And yet... Talking about mental illness is Taboo. It just isn't
"proper", you know.

The social stigma of mental illness is real. It's illegal to discriminate against it, but it still happens.

There's a real fear that others will find out. That friends, family,
and coworkers will judge those who experience mental illness.

This talk boldly goes where few others have gone before... talking openly about mental illness, exposing some of the myths, and how to be an ally of those who experience it.

Tags: Other, Soft Skills/Business, Diversity/Equity/InclusionLevel: Introductory and overview