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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

From idea to physical series: Additional Castle project walk-through Rhino project. (Tues)

Presented by: Brian Carnes
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 11, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Can’t get enough model building? Want to make something more advanced than your basic cups/keychains/challenge coins? We’ve noticed we have some repeat students each year on our kids track that just love to build models, and we’ve also run several years of our introductory track for adults. We wanted to add some additional options to expand model building skills for those who have been through our previous sessions.

We are running a few additional Rhino model-building walk-through sessions, welcome to anyone (kids or adults) who have gone through the regular introductory sessions. These run after the adult sessions in the afternoon- 4-5pm -and may extend into open lab time if audience interest and project is there.

We will work through making a fantasy castle model suitable for 3D printing, using a variety of model techniques! While this session will repeat, we won’t be using a fixed template for our castles- so attendees are welcome to come to multiple castle sessions and make different castles (or continue working on a super elaborate one!).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a session that will likely have both kid and adult attendees, and the session assumes basic familiarity with the Rhino interface. If your child has attended the introductory class and is looking for a chance to make something more complex, they are welcome in this class. It is likely best for High School aged teens or late junior high aged students, but any kid that has completed the introductory class without issue and is able to follow a slightly faster paced class may also attend

Room: Guava/Tamarind