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Are You Ready for a Senior Role?

Presented by: Jenny Bramble
Time: Thursday, Jan. 13, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Moving from being a mid level engineer a senior role can feel like a huge leap--especially when your new responsibilities aren't well defined. What does it mean to embrace a senior role? It's not just about experience and years on the job; it's an entire mindset shift.

Jenny Bramble, Director of Quality Engineering, takes a step back from formal job descriptions to talk about what she looks for in rising senior engineers including how we approach assessing risk, how we work to empower and lead others, and how our impact changes as we mature in our roles. By generalizing the senior mindset, you can apply these ideas to any type of role.

You'll leave this talk with a clearer picture on what seniors are often asked to do and how we can start building a senior mindset as early as possible in our careers. Most off, you'll be prepared to answer: Am I ready for a senior role?

Room: Nile/OrangeTags: LeadershipLevel: Intermediate