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KidzMash: A Kid’s introduction to 3D Modeling

Time: Friday, Jan. 10, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This second session we will work with a fully-featured CAD application called Rhino3d and walk through the process of building a basic model from geometric shapes. We will explain the XYZ coordinate system, and what the different views are for. We will also spend some time playing with the transform functions. This session is best for kids with basic skills in measurement, elementary-level geometry, and basic computer skills. The session is probably most appropriate for children over 8 but all are welcome based on the child’s capabilities and ability to enjoy. The goal of the session will be to create up to to two basic things- a cup, and a keychain.

Less confident or younger kids are welcome to pair up with parents or siblings and just watch the parent/sibling. Kids that complete the kid projects without issue are welcome in the adult walk-through lab as they will be making slightly more advanced models that are different.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a fairly large number of printers in the lab so our kids can possibly print items they make in class. We will be able to produce a screen render of any models kids would like, and we make our best efforts to print at least one model per student, based on demand.

Room: Guava / Tamarind