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[KidzMash] Build a Binary Clock with a Raspberry Pi Zero Workshop

Presented by: Christopher Judd

Have you ever wanted to be the geekiest kid around? This session will earn you the crown. In this session, you build a clock that likely only you can read because it will display the time in binary (1s and 0s or on and off). You will learn how to control LEDs using a Raspberry Pi Zero. Along the way...

Tags: Hardware, PythonFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Advanced

Breadboard Electronics Project

Presented by: Steven Swenson

In this hands-on session we will be building a small electronics project using breadboards. Breadboards are a fundamental part of playing with electronics and is a great way to start having fun with electronics projects. Each student will receive their own breadboard and small electronics kit. All...

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Introductory and overview

Knitting and Spinning for Fun and Non-Profit

Presented by: Bill Horvath

Knitting is a relaxing and creative endeavor you can practice anywhere that you can carry two sticks and a pocket full of yarn. Bonus: it's binary! (knit…purl…get it?) And there are lots of opportunities to knit for charity, from hats for preemies, to prosthetics for breast cancer survivors....

Tags: OtherFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Introductory and overview

Rebel Revolt Escape Room

Presented by: Danielle Richardson

The United World Government has almost completed its Warhead Anti-matter Response Facility. As a member of The Resistance, you cannot let that happen. You must infiltrate the facility, steal the anti-matter warhead, and rig the place to blow. This facility cannot go online if The Resistance is ever...

Format: KidzMash DivezLevel: Introductory and overview

Soldering: Alchemy for Makers

Presented by: Jameson Hampton

Soldering is like alchemy? What does that mean?? ...

Tags: HardwareFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Introductory and overview

Using Python to Develop a Discord Bot

Presented by: Raphael Gotfryd

Discord is the best way to communicate with your gamer friends. But what if I told you that you could create games with it? Well, you can in the form of a Discord bot. In this session we will go over many details about the Discord bot, and have a code along where you can make your own bot game for...

Tags: PythonFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Intermediate