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Session List2019-10-02T20:07:53-05:00

KidzMash Chase Video Game Workshop

Presented by: Christopher Judd

Playing video games is fun right? How about writing your own? In this session, you will learn how to use the free open source JavaScript game framework to create a basic chase game. You will have a blast creating the game, playing the game and finally adding your own customizations to it...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Intermediate

Absurd Taco Machine

Presented by: Daniel Pries

This session is geared towards 10-17 years olds in which the audience will participate with the speaker in a guided session of creating a basic platformer video game using Phaser 3 and Typescript. The audience will participate in four, 20 minute sessions growing in complexity from theme to theme. ...

Tags: Javascript, OtherFormat: KidzMash DivezLevel: Intermediate