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A React Crash Course for Backend Dinosaurs

Presented by: Brandon Bruno

I've been developing backend .NET MVC web solutions for 15 years, but thanks to the demands of highly-dynamic, component-driven front-end solutions, I've become a bit of a developer dinosaur. Join me, fellow dinosaurs, as we modernize our skills to ensure we are ready for the modern web. ...

Tags: Javascript, ReactFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

A Vibrant Visit With The Valuable and Versatile Visitor Design Pattern

Presented by: Kelly Morrison

Design patterns are popular with software designers, and the famous "Gang of Four" book on Design Patterns is an industry classic. Some of the classic patterns in that book are simple to understand and use, and many have been "baked into" programming languages and frameworks. However, some of the...

Tags: Java, Javascript, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building a Shared Component Library in Lit

Presented by: Tim Huddle

Multiple teams, using multiple JS frameworks, shipping multiple applications, but you want them all to have the same look and feel. Shared CSS is easy enough, but what about more complex/structured components like cards, notices, toasts (or snackbars depending on your lingo), etc. As an example,...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building Beautiful CLI's is for Everyone

Presented by: Keith Kurak

Writing command-line interfaces, whether it's to string together a few oft-forgotten terminal commands or batch automate repetitive tasks, are one of those things most developers eventually do, but often only do just "good enough." Let's shift the focus from clean and beautiful application code to...

Tags: Javascript, Other, DevOpsFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Cypress vs. Playwright: The best E2E testing frameworks go head-to-head

Presented by: Kyle Whitaker

Back when writing E2E tests with a framework like Protractor was still a thing, Cypress came along and changed the game. Cypress testing UX is best-in-class with its powerful replay and debugging capabilities. Just when you thought another framework could not possibly challenge Cypress, along came...

Tags: Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Delighting users with performant apps

Presented by: Mike Hartington

Ok, so you want to build an app that can be fast, performant, and keep your users coming back for more? Think you need to reach for native? Think again! The Web is an amazing platform that offers developers a lot of ways to build amazing experiences. The only problem requires some tricks to...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Don’t let user authentication stop you from building your web app!

Presented by: Kyle Whitaker

Authentication is no trivial task; it is also an essential building block for most web applications. Building a robust user authentication flow for the first time can stop even a great developer dead in their tracks. Authentication can drown you in a sea of architectural complexity, and all you want...

Tags: Cloud, Javascript, Security, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Effective Automated Testing - Lessons from 10 Years

Presented by: Cory House

Writing automated tests is hard. Why? Changing data, inconsistent behaviors, unreliable environments, tightly coupled code, and more. In this session, we'll explore approaches for overcoming these challenges and writing robust and comprehensive automated tests. Topics explored will include mocking...

Tags: Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

JAMstack: Web Apps at Ludicrous Speed

Presented by: David Neal

If you're a web developer, chances are you have heard the term "JAMstack." Curiously, JAMstack isn't a solution to prevent clogged printers, something to eat on toast, or a way to make music. Instead, it's an architecture for designing super-fast web applications that easily scale, focused on...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Lessons from Scaling a Reusable Component Library

Presented by: Cory House

Creating components is easy. Creating reusable component libraries is hard. Over the last few years, I've helped multiple companies build and scale reusable component libraries. Along the way, I've learned by making a variety of mistakes. In this session, I'll share mistakes you can avoid to help...

Tags: Javascript, ReactFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Making Angular Apps A11y Friendly

Presented by: Wade Harkins

Following accessibility best practices is important for ensuring that your application is usable by everyone, but deciding where to start can be hard! This talk covers the basics of building accessible web applications in Angular. Topics include the advantages of using semantic HTML, leveraging...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Market Rate -- Is it just for seafood?

Presented by: Yvette Menase

You might have have googled "market rate for x job" during your application process. You probably have received a ~1% raise with the HR justification of, "It's market rate". You most likely applied to a job that gave a range, paid you the minimum, and denied your negotiation as "It's market rate for...

Tags: Java, Javascript, Diversity/Equity/InclusionFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Master All Frontends in Real-Time with React Native

Presented by: Stephen Shary

Front-end development is fragmented with many different stacks that are tailored to: web, Android, or iOS. We demonstrate live how React Native can be used to develop on all three platforms at the same time. We will show how to kick start a new project, make it run on all three platforms and then...

Tags: Javascript, Mobile, ReactFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Reactivity in The Web With Svelte

Presented by: Brendan Todahl

Modern front-end frameworks claim to be reactive when state changes occur which updates the views at runtime. The technologies these frameworks depend on to do so aren't the most optimal such as using the Virtual DOM, DOM diffing, and more. Svelte is a compiler that runs at build time instead to...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Refactoring Your Way to Better Software

Presented by: Kevin McCartney

It finally works! Then you take a step back from the software you cooked up & realized it’s a giant plate of spaghetti code. ...

Tags: Javascript, Python, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Session #H: Naming Things

Presented by: Peter Ritchie

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors. This session is about naming things. In software, we need to name classes, methods, properties, libraries, solutions, etc. We also have to give names to variables, parameters, namespaces,...

Tags: .NET, Java, Javascript, Soft Skills/Business, C#Format: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Shipping a Web App as a Mobile App in 2022

Presented by: Kito Mann

So you've got an amazing web app that you've written with your favorite web framework (React, Angular, Vue, or even pure Web Components). But you also need to ship it as an iOS app. And an Android app. Is there a way to deploy your web app on both platforms, have good performance, and still take...

Tags: Javascript, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Strongly-typed CSS with Vanilla-extract

Presented by: Georgia Loper

Sick of memorizing awkward naming conventions? Are you losing sleep thinking about how to author maintainable CSS at scale? CSS-in-JS frameworks not performant enough? Tired of banging your head against a wall, trying to figure out why your CSS isn’t working, only to realize you spelled the class...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

The Unwritten Rules for Documenting, Testing, and Developing Components with Storybook

Presented by: Georgia Loper

Storybook is a powerful, open source, tool for building, testing, and documenting UI components and pages in isolation. Though, with great power comes great responsibility. Storybook offers plenty of learning resources, but most are for beginners. Few of them consider a real team’s requirements...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

This is a Promise That You'll Understand Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript

Presented by: Brandon Bruno

JavaScript is changing faster than ever with a yearly release cadence that brings useful syntax tweaks, new APIs, and updated language functionality. Of the dozens of new features added to JavaScript over the last ten years, Promises stand out as one of the most essential yet most difficult to...

Tags: JavascriptFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Websockets as the glue to interactivity

Presented by: Wim Godden

When you hear the term websockets, a chat applcation comes to mind almost immediately. But websockets and websocket libraries go far beyond the simple application of a chat system. We'll quickly go through some websocket basics before diving deep into advanced applications, from real-time control of...

Tags: Hardware, Javascript, Other, PythonFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced