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Cypress vs. Playwright: The best E2E testing frameworks go head-to-head

Presented by: Kyle Whitaker

Back when writing E2E tests with a framework like Protractor was still a thing, Cypress came along and changed the game. Cypress testing UX is best-in-class with its powerful replay and debugging capabilities. Just when you thought another framework could not possibly challenge Cypress, along came...

Tags: Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Presented by: Ian Malpass

As DevOps practitioners, we are concerned with both the development of our systems, and their operation in production. With new features, in particular, we are often confronted with doubt and uncertainty about how they’ll behave when they actually reach a live environment. Does that query perform...

Tags: Testing, DevOpsFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Launch Your API Testing Out Of This Galaxy With Postman

Presented by: Rick Clymer

Looking to enhance your API test coverage with a single solution across all of your services? Maybe you want to make sure that your services are integrated properly and working with each other in your deployment pipeline. Or maybe you're looking to have your manual testers begin to write automation....

Tags: TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Making Angular Apps A11y Friendly

Presented by: Wade Harkins

Following accessibility best practices is important for ensuring that your application is usable by everyone, but deciding where to start can be hard! This talk covers the basics of building accessible web applications in Angular. Topics include the advantages of using semantic HTML, leveraging...

Tags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Soft Skills of Automation

Presented by: Jenny Bramble

Automation starts long before you open your IDE. Before you write the first line of code or inspect the first element, you need to develop a mindset that leads you to create good automation. You need the Soft Skills of Automation. In this workshop, we will create a framework for ourselves to start...

Tags: TestingFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate