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A Vibrant Visit With The Valuable and Versatile Visitor Design Pattern

Presented by: Kelly Morrison

Design patterns are popular with software designers, and the famous "Gang of Four" book on Design Patterns is an industry classic. Some of the classic patterns in that book are simple to understand and use, and many have been "baked into" programming languages and frameworks. However, some of the...

Tags: Java, Javascript, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Breaking Down Monoliths using GraphQL

Presented by: David Lucas

Monoliths come in multiple shapes and sizes, but how can you leverage GraphQL to break them into components ? ...

Tags: JavaFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Event Messaging and Streaming with Apache Pulsar

Presented by: Mary Grygleski

When it comes to distributed, event-driven messaging systems, we usually see them supporting either one of two types of semantics: streaming, or queueing, and rarely do we find a platform that supports both. In this presentation, we’ll first get an introduction and some clarifications of...

Tags: Cloud, Big Data, Java, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Event Streaming and the Kafka Conundrum

Presented by: Barry Tarlton

As data increasingly becomes the backbone of business, having a resilient distributed data store becomes a necessity. Over the past few years, Apache's Kafka has risen to the top as the most used real-time and scalable messaging system in most businesses. When our company began it's journey into...

Tags: Big Data, JavaFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Give your APIs a REST & Make the move to GraphQL

Presented by: Dan Vega

In a world where multiple applications and devices are calling your APIs, you end up having to create custom endpoints for different views of your data. What if you could provide fewer endpoints and let the consumer decide on which data they need? ...

Tags: JavaFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Market Rate -- Is it just for seafood?

Presented by: Yvette Menase

You might have have googled "market rate for x job" during your application process. You probably have received a ~1% raise with the HR justification of, "It's market rate". You most likely applied to a job that gave a range, paid you the minimum, and denied your negotiation as "It's market rate for...

Tags: Java, Javascript, Diversity/Equity/InclusionFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

One config to rule them all! An introduction to Azure App Configuration.

Presented by: Samuel Gomez

You have an environment working properly when suddenly you start seeing weird behavior, you troubleshoot the issue and find out that someone accidentally checked in their local settings file. If you’ve run into this scenario or you are looking for options to manage your configurations this talk is...

Tags: .NET, Cloud, Java, Python, C#Format: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Processing Real-Time Trading Data with Event Streaming

Presented by: Mary Grygleski

The world is moving at an unprecedented pace and much of it has been powered by innovations in software and systems. While event handling, messaging, and processing are not necessarily brand new concepts, the recent emergence in hardware such as virtualizations, multi-core processors, and so on, are...

Tags: Cloud, Big Data, Java, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview

Session #H: Naming Things

Presented by: Peter Ritchie

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors. This session is about naming things. In software, we need to name classes, methods, properties, libraries, solutions, etc. We also have to give names to variables, parameters, namespaces,...

Tags: .NET, Java, Javascript, Soft Skills/Business, C#Format: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview