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60% of the Time, Estimates Are Right Every Time

Presented by: Brett Whittington

Historically developers hate giving estimates because they are mostly wrong and are often held to them by the business. The business needs estimates because ultimately all projects cost money. What happens when the estimator leaves or the estimation is from months prior? How do we get developers...

Tags: Leadership, Soft Skills/BusinessFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Artificial Intelligence Programming with T-SQL

Presented by: Sam Nasr

Artificial Intelligence has been available to developers via API or libraries for integration with Code. Now SQL Server offers Artificial Intelligence via T-SQL. In this session we'll look at specifying a model for making decisions about time series data, programming the model using T-SQL, and...

Tags: .NET, Python, Machine LearningFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Event Streaming and the Kafka Conundrum

Presented by: Barry Tarlton

As data increasingly becomes the backbone of business, having a resilient distributed data store becomes a necessity. Over the past few years, Apache's Kafka has risen to the top as the most used real-time and scalable messaging system in most businesses. When our company began it's journey into...

Tags: Big Data, JavaFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Getting the Most out of Sysmon

Presented by: Amanda Berlin

The default logging capabilities from Microsoft are only helpful to a certain extent. This session will discuss how to utilize the Sysinternals tool Sysmon for threat hunting, testing detections and more. The session will explain use cases and look at real examples of Sysmon successfully detecting...

Tags: Security, Career DevelopmentFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Introducing Event Sourcing into the Monolith: A War Story

Presented by: Ole Michaelis

Our 13-year-old Ruby on Rails app is well maintained and stable boring. Dealing with many unstable vendors, networks, and co-workers, we’ve struggled to keep track of our processes within the application and maintain an audit trail. We’ve been applying patches to symptoms ever since. When we...

Tags: Functional Programming, Ruby/RailsFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Master All Frontends in Real-Time with React Native

Presented by: Stephen Shary

Front-end development is fragmented with many different stacks that are tailored to: web, Android, or iOS. We demonstrate live how React Native can be used to develop on all three platforms at the same time. We will show how to kick start a new project, make it run on all three platforms and then...

Tags: Javascript, Mobile, ReactFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Revisiting Event Sourcing and CQRS

Presented by: Pratik Patel

CQRS architecture pattern has been around for a while, but how many people are actually deploying it on production? What are some of the challenges faced? In this session, we'll review CQRS and Event Sourcing. We will look at the CQRS pattern from a high level architecture point of view, and we'll...

Tags: Big DataFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

They promised us Jetpacks

Presented by: Godfrey Nolan

Over the past few years the number of new Android Jetpacks has exploded. For many developers who may not have been paying attention the modern Android platform has become unrecognizable. In this session we look at what it takes to add as many different Jetpacks as we can to a simple public transit...

Tags: Mobile, Career DevelopmentFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced

Websockets as the glue to interactivity

Presented by: Wim Godden

When you hear the term websockets, a chat applcation comes to mind almost immediately. But websockets and websocket libraries go far beyond the simple application of a chat system. We'll quickly go through some websocket basics before diving deep into advanced applications, from real-time control of...

Tags: Hardware, Javascript, Other, PythonFormat: General SessionLevel: Advanced