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Session List2019-10-02T20:07:53-05:00

Build your first Serverless Web Application

Presented by: Curtis Darst

Use the Serverless Application Model (SAM) to build a backend process for handling requests for your web application. A serverless approach will allow you to minimize undifferentiated work around managing servers, infrastructure, and the parts of the application that add less value to your...

Tags: Cloud, JavascriptFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview

Your app lives on a network - networking for developers

Presented by: Wim Godden

Our job might be to build web applications, but we can't build apps that rely on networking if we don't know how these networks and the big network that connects them all (this thing called the Internet) actually work. ...

Tags: Cloud, Hardware, Other, DevOpsFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview