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A Vibrant Visit With The Valuable and Versatile Visitor Design Pattern

Presented by: Kelly Morrison

Design patterns are popular with software designers, and the famous "Gang of Four" book on Design Patterns is an industry classic. Some of the classic patterns in that book are simple to understand and use, and many have been "baked into" programming languages and frameworks. However, some of the...

Tags: Java, Javascript, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Event Streaming with Apache Kafka

Presented by: Dave Klein

Whether we're talking about event-driven architecture, data pipelines, streaming ETL, or any of a host of other use cases for real-time data, chances are that Apache Kafka is part of that conversation. Kafka has become the de facto standard for working with data in motion. Used by thousands of...

Tags: Big Data, Java, PythonFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Market Rate -- Is it just for seafood?

Presented by: Yvette Menase

You might have have googled "market rate for x job" during your application process. You probably have received a ~1% raise with the HR justification of, "It's market rate". You most likely applied to a job that gave a range, paid you the minimum, and denied your negotiation as "It's market rate for...

Tags: Java, Javascript, Diversity/Equity/InclusionFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate