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A Vibrant Visit With The Valuable and Versatile Visitor Design Pattern

Presented by: Kelly Morrison

Design patterns are popular with software designers, and the famous "Gang of Four" book on Design Patterns is an industry classic. Some of the classic patterns in that book are simple to understand and use, and many have been "baked into" programming languages and frameworks. However, some of the...

Tags: Java, Javascript, OtherFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Building a Multi-Platform Application

Presented by: Bruce Abernethy, Chris Butcher

This session is designed for developers who are looking to expand their abilities into multi-platform development. You should have experience in at least one development environment (i.e., web, mobile, desktop) and an object-oriented language (e.g. Java, C#, Python, Typescript). ...

Tags: Mobile, OtherFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Event Storming Workshop

Presented by: Barry Stahl

Event storming is a process for modeling a business domain from the perspective of the business experts. It comes out of the Domain Driven Design world and has been used by many with great success. Event Storming can help your team: ...

Tags: Other, Soft Skills/BusinessFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Gender Diversity Is Not Enough

Presented by: Cassandra Faris

Studies consistently show that diverse teams solve problems more effectively, yet software development teams frequently lack diversity. Thankfully, the tech industry is talking more about DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), understanding why these things are important, and making changes to...

Tags: Other, Leadership, Soft Skills/Business, Diversity/Equity/InclusionFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate

Get Hands-On with Your Second Brain! (Workshop)

Presented by: Jeffrey Miller

Stop overloading your brain with too much information and too many good intentions! Build a Second Brain to give your first brain a break. ...

Tags: Other, Soft Skills/Business, Career DevelopmentFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

Security Defense and Detection - RPG TTX

Presented by: Amanda Berlin

Security Defense and Detection TTX is a comprehensive 4 hour tabletop exercise that involves the introduction of TTXs (tabletop exercises), IR playbooks, and after-action reports. The exercises are paired with hands on attacks demo labs (labs provided) that reinforce their purpose. The training as a...

Tags: Other, Leadership, Security, Soft Skills/Business, Testing, Career DevelopmentFormat: PreCompilerLevel: Intermediate

The Engineer's Playbook: Starting a New Role

Presented by: Cameron Presley

Starting a new role is never easy. There are a ton of ideas, new processes, people, and new technology to pick up. In addition, one may have also changed problem domains, which means learning about the problems being solved. That's a lot to take in and is colloquially known as "drinking from the...

Tags: Other, Leadership, Soft Skills/Business, Career DevelopmentFormat: General SessionLevel: Intermediate