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Jacob Coulter

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In a 4th grade career report Jacob learned that programmers get paid a lot of money to play with computers. This, he thought, is good. He is devoted to the craft of translating ideas from human brains to working code as efficiently and cleanly as possible. In 2003 he discovered Agile and Test Driven Development which set his zeal for code into overdrive. When not writing code, Jacob is a passionate teacher constantly looking to help others code more efficiently. He has been a professional Agile Development Coach embedding with teams to impart effective development practices while still delivering working code and solving business problems.

Jacob is the father of 7 children so he is never short of eager pupils. His eldest daughter Rachel and son Nathan gave their first official conference talk on video game programming at the respective ages of 11 and 9. They have made over a dozen technology training videos as Kids Teaching Tech on YouTube.