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Brian is a professional creative and a resident of central Ohio. In addition to being a lifelong artist he worked for over 20 years on various IT support/infrastructure engineering teams. These days, he works to grow his small studio business as well as work various freelance and consulting projects involving digital sculpting, emerging technology, gamification, Additive manufacturing, and 3D printing!

Brian is the founder and co-owner of Sea Dog Game Studios, a Dublin Ohio based publisher/maker of tabletop games and accessories. He also is the game designer, author, and sculptor for "Sailpower: Fun Scale Combat in the Age of Sail" a tabletop miniature game first released in 2005 as well other games and game related products.

Brian also co-owns Valkyrie Pewter, a hand-sculpted, hand-crafted renaissance and fantasy pewter jewelry line sold at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and Great Lakes Medieval fair.

At Codemash Brian is the CAD/3D printing room director and instructor.

In addition to teaching both young and old how to bring their ideas to life with CAD and 3D printing Brian also enjoys consulting with other businesses on how to use additive manufacturing to modernize the way companies deliver products to the customer!

Brian looks to continue to be a voice for 3D printing, and agile driven. short run customer reactive manufacturing (Industry 4.0) in as sustainable of a manner as is possible. I plan to continue to push 3D printing manufactures to consider material recycling, and open standards that allow equipment to be reliable, repairable, and upgradeable.