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Speaker Details2019-01-07T06:16:27-05:00
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"Aaron has been a professional Software Developer for over 27 years with substantial development experience in iOS (Objective-C/Swift), Android (Kotlin/Java), SpringBoot(Java/Kotlin), .NET (C#)/ASP.NET, and Xamarin. He can write in Javascript/Typescript in both React and Angular, but prefers mobile native platforms.

Aaron started coding in 7th grade learning Basic on the Apple IIe. He took programing courses in high school in Basic and Assembler for the 6502 (Apple IIe/GS). I got my first job at a Telephone Company in 1997 writing software in C/C++ on Solaris. We wrote our own customer management system and automation platform for managing an ISP. Since then, he has worked for a hospital, a health care startup, a startup building a complex CRM and DMS, second largest accounting firm in the world where I was the lead of the Developer Experience portal and Development Advocate team before joining Couchbase as a Developer Advocate for mobile and edge devices.

In his free time when he isn't coding - he is a guitar player, goblin slayer, lootz horder, wood working newbie, fishing nut, and DM of multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.