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Paul Pagel

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Paul has over 20 years of professional software development experience, and is currently an Application Architect with Domino's in Ann Arbor, MI. Previously, he worked for First Solar as a manufacturing systems architect and as a programming manager for the small, generically-named custom software and website development company known as MIS, Inc. (now Bolder Image.)
A chance encounter with Juval Lowy (of Microsoft WCF fame) convinced him to dive deeper into the wonderful – but sometimes unforgiving – world of hardware development. Since then, Paul has conducted several hardware-based training events on various microcontrollers and IoT systems.
In his spare time, Paul builds all sorts of things, from guitar pedals to garden sheds. He also practices and teaches martial arts, and enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and two children - who are long-time KidzMash attendees.