Aaron AldrichCommunity @ Elastic
Aaron GlassSenior Engineer Developer in Test at StyleSeat
Adrienne TackeFilipina Software Engineer & Published Author that believes knowledge is power.
Alex DunnDirector and Principal Architect at Voicify - The Suave Pirate
Alex WhiteSenior UX Developer & Consultant at Insight Digital Innovation
Andrew FitzgeraldSRE-ish @ Sonatype
Andrew MayCloud Solutions Lead and Senior Solutions Architect at Leading EDJE
Angel ThomasSoftware Developer at Center for Information Management
Angela PinneySenior Software Architect
Anne CahalanThe Spinster Coder
Anthony EdenFouFounder of DNSimple, vendor of Internet duct tape, purveyor of UDP packets.
Aptera (Sponsor)Gold Sponsor
Arthur DolerSenior Software Developer at Aviture
Ash BanaszekUX Associate
Auth0 (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Avindra FernandoPassionate Software Engineer, Mentor, Speaker
Barry TarltonMacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!
Beam Dental (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Bill DingerSolutions Architect, VML
Bill HorvathPrincipal Consultant @ Improving
Bill SempfApplication Security Architect
Bob CrowleySr. Software Developer, .Net
Bob FornalSenior Developer with Leading EDJE: Husband, father, and programmer
Bold Penguin (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Brad HollanderSoftware Engineer at Root Insurance
Branden BellancaSalesforce Architect at HMB Inc
Brandon SatromDevRel @ Particle
Brian GormanCode Surgeon at Far Reach, Principle at MajorGuidanceSolutions
Brian MeekerEngineering Wizard at InfernoRed Technology
Burton SmithSenior Software Engineer, Bunzl North America
Chad GreenMicrosoft MVP; Director of Software Development at ScholarRx
Charles HusemannAgile coach
Charles YostCode Wizard, Team Lead, and Security Developer at Binary Defense
Charlie SweetDelivery Manager at Baird
Chris HollandDirector, Engineering, TriNet
Chris WoodruffQuicken Loans
Christopher JuddTrusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer
Cory HouseAuthor / Consultant
Couchbase (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Courtney HeitmanTechnical Accessibility Specialist
Craig HillsPrincipal Software Engineer at Pondurance
Dan KacenjarPart-time hardware hacker
Dan MosoraSoftware Engineer at Stitch
Dan VegaTech Elevator, Curriculum Developer
Daniel Mikusa Principal Customer Engineer @ Pivotal Inc
Danielle RichardsonDo I have to have one of these?
David HauckServerless Enthusiast
David TruxallI know things and build things
Debbie RyanBusiness Development Manager
Derek BinkleySenior Software Engineer
Derek ComartinEvent Driven Enthusiast
Derek MulhausenDuraTech - Software Developer
Don WardSenior Research Engineer, Emerging Technology Team at Quicken Loans
Dream Factory (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Ed CharbeneauEd is a Microsoft MVP and an international speaker, writer, online influencer, a Developer Advocate for Progress.
Eemeli AroI keep falling down JavaScript rabbit holes
Elastic (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Eric Richardsong2o Big Data Practice Director
Eric SmithDeveloper Ambassador
Ethan GarofoloMicroservices consultant and trainer
Faye ThompsonDirector, Agile Coach -- Annalect
Gabriela DombrowskiApplication Developer at Crema
Gary ShortI predict the future. Freelance data scientist, coach and trainer
Gene GotimerPrincipal Consultant at Coveros
George Walters IILead Research Engineer
Guy RoyseEngineering Manager at ScriptDrop
Hannah StannardSoftware Engineer @ Root Insurance
Hans WeisheimerAppSec Engineer
Harness (Sponsor)Gold Sponsor
Hilary Weaver-RobbQuality Architect
HMB (Sponsor)Gold Sponsor
Ian ForrestEngineering Manager, BiblioCommons
Ivar GrimstadThe Guy with the Duke Tattoo
Jacob CoulterSenior Software Engineer, Bold Penguin
James StrongContino - Technical Principal
James ZhangSoftware Consultant
Jameson HamptonDeveloper Advocate for Artemis
Jason AwbreyMicrosoft MVP and Xamarin MVP
Jason BowlingDeveloper, Consultant, Game Creator
Jean LangeInstructor at Academy Pittsburgh
Jeff BlankenburgAmazon Alexa
Jeff KelleyiOS Developer at Detroit Labs
Jeff McKenziePractice Manager, Insight Digital Innovation (formerly Cardinal Solutions)
Jeff PutzVP of Engineering at PowerDMS
Jenna ChamraVice President, Nexient Experience Studios
Jennifer WadellaFounder, Kansas City Women in Technology
Jeremy FairbankDouble Agent at Test Double
JFrog (Sponsor)Unobtainium Sponsor
Jim WilsonEntrepreneur and technology enthusiast
Jimmy BogardChief Architect, Headspring
Jimmy ByrdLead Developer at Binary Defense
Jit KrishnamurthyHardcore technologist with a passion to teach.
Joe KuemerleProduct Security Engineer
Joe MorganAuthor and JavaScript Developer
Joe SewellWriter of English, C#, and some forms of assembly.
Joel BylerAlways Curious
John KoernerDeveloper at Autodesk
John MeltonAppSec Lead at Oracle, NSGBU
John ReeseSoftware Engineer at Plex Systems
John RoudaA Geek Leader
John SawersI talk about feelings
Johnny HooyberghsPassionate Developer
Jonathan BatteasUniversity of Dayton Research Institute, Research Engineer/Scientist
Jonathan "J." TowerPartner & Principal Consultant, Trailhead Technology Partners
Josh CarrollHusband, Father, Consultant. Wrangler of Clouds.
Julien FitzpatrickSoftware Engineer @ Artemis (they/them)
Justin PihonyLightbend/Pluralsight
Katrina OhlemacherSenior Quality Engineer at Detroit Labs
Keith InstoneFounder, Dexterity User Experience
Kevin DevineSenior Software Engineer
Kiera PrioleauAWH - Career Developer
Kim DelSennoUX developer at Gallup
Kito MannPrincipal Consultant, Virtua, Inc.
Lance LarsenMicrosoft MVP, Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Holosoft™ as well avid Community Speaker -and- president of MADdotNET, Madison Wisconsin's .NET developer community!
Laurie BarthSoftware Engineer at Gatsby
Leo DionCEO and Founder of BrightDigit
Leo GuinanSoftware Engineer, Fuse by Cardinal Health
Luther HillMachine Learning Engineer
Lydia WhiteManifest Solutions Consulting Developer
Magnus StahreEx Lab Rat
Maranda ProvanceDirector of Engineering at Mostly Serious
Mary GrygleskiDeveloper Advocate at IBM
Matt ElandSoftware Engineering Manager / Mentor
Matt InskoLead Engineer
Matt NorbySenior Consultant, Manifest Solutions
Matt WilliamsRenaissance Person in Training
Matthew JonesLead Software Developer - U-Haul
Matthew LaForestJavascript curmudgeon
Mercedes BernardEngineering manager and senior software engineer at Tandem in Chicago, IL
Michael FrayerSr. Consultant, IT Applications - Nationwide Insurance
Michael MoranHMB Consultant
Michelle BrennerSenior Backend Engineer @ ChowNow
Mike Handon the web. in the cloud.
Mike HartingtonDeveloper/Advocate for Ionic, all around swell guy
Mike RoznikFormer developer turned tester
MongoDB (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Nate Berent-SpillsonTechnology Principal, Nexient
Nate TaylorLead Developer at Aviture
Nathan ArthurVP Engineering at PreEmptive
Nathan ZenderSoftware developer and car lover
Nexient (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Nicolas FränkelA Java Geek working as Developer Relationships Manager @ Hazelcast
Ole MichaelisFull Stackoverflow Developer at DNSimple, also knows how to juggle.
Patrick McSweenyWeb Application Developer
Paul PagelFirst Solar Manufacturing Systems Architect
Paul RoubAgile Engineer at HI Digital Solutions
Pierre DeBoisZimana Analytics
Rachel, Nathan, and Ignatius Coulter KidsTeaching.tech It takes one to teach one
Raphael GotfrydRookie Bot Developer, Meme Analyst
Red Hat, Inc. (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Remy PorterCreative Coder
Riccardo TerrellI am functional guy living in an imperative world.
Rick ClymerSenior Software Quality Engineer @ Quicken Loans
Robby MillsapTrek, LinkedIn
Robert HurlbutThreat Modeling Architect
Robert LairThe Software Honey Badger
Rod PaddockI Solve Problems
Ron DagdagSenior Software Engineer
Russell SkaggsCreative Technologist at CoverMyMeds
Ryan HendricksonData Solutionaire!
Ryan MillerPractice Manager, Insight
Saad KamalAWH Product Manager
Sam BasuDeveloper Advocate
Samuel HollifieldOak Ridge National Lab Student Researcher
Sandi BarrSenior Software Engineer at PRX
Santosh HariMicrosoft Azure MVP | Azure Consultant @ Nebbia | President @Onetug #OrlandoCC
Sarah WitheePolyglot software engineer
Scott ConnerlyFILDI like Ze Frank
Scott ShowalterForming Dream Teams to Create Dream Products
Sean WedigTech Lead and Loud Mouth
Seth KrautSenior Software Engineer at Upstart
Seth Petry-JohnsonPointy-haired boss by day, coder by night
Sho FolaLife Learner
Steve CrowSoftware Developer at NinjaCat
Steve GrunwellSenior Software Engineer, Liquid Web
Steve SmithI Help Teams Deliver Better Software
Steven HicksSenior Engineer
Steven SwensonDeveloper, Zillionaire, Spanish Conquistador
Taranjeet KaurArchitect, Techologist, Community Leader
Thomas HaverDesigner Brands
Tim GarvinEmerging Technology Rapid Prototyper at PwC
Tim JarzombekFullstack-ish Software Developer at Allegion
TMW Systems (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Todd SharpCloud Developer Advocate
Tommy GravesLead Software Engineer at Root
Trent NguyenTrent Nguyen
Tyler JenningsConsultant, ResultStack
Vicki GlennLearner, Teacher, Maker
Wes DelpSenior Software Developer at CoverMyMeds
Wolfgang GoerlichHacker Strategist