Adam GoucherCTO, MobileXCo
Aisha BlakeWeb Developer at Detroit Labs
Akshita PuramTest Evangelist (Product Marketing Manager, SmartBear)
Amber McKenzieData Scientist at PwC
Amber RaceSenior SDET, Big Fish Games
Amy GebhardtLead UI Engineer at SportsEngine
Andrew RodenCrowdstrike, Senior Developer
Andy LesterCreator of ack, lead singer and driver of the Winnebago
Angel BanksDesigner
Angel ThomasSoftware Developer at Center for Information Management
Ankur SethiWeb Engineering @ Uncommon
Anne CahalanThe Spinster Coder
Aptera (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Assurant Labs (Sponsor)Unobtainium Sponsor
Barry TarltonMacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!
Benjamin BykowskiManager and Tech Enthusiast at Hyland Software
Benjamin MuschkoIndependent consultant and trainer
Bill SempfApplication Security Architect
Billy KorandoSenior Software Consultant - Keyhole Software
BJ BurnsGandalf the Graying of Complete Developer Podcast
Bob CrowleySr. Software Developer, .Net
Brandon BrunoSenior Technical Consultant at Perficient Digital
Brendan MulcahyMachine Learning Enthusiast and Avid Gamer
Brett WhittingtonSenior Consultant @ HMB Inc.
Brian KorzynskiSolutions Architect
Burton SmithSoftware Engineer, Bunzl North America
Cam SoperSr. Content Developer, Microsoft
Cassandra FarisConsultant Consultant
Cat SwetelEngineering Manager
Chad GreenData & Solution Architect at ProgressiveHealth
Charles YostCode Wizard, Team Lead, and Security Developer at Binary Defense
Chelsey BryantApplication Programmer - Progressive Insurance
Chris KeathleyProfessional Yak Shaver
Chris LorenzoDistinguished Engineer
Christopher JuddTrusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer
Clay DowlingI've earned this grey beard.
CodeMash SpeakersAccount for Schedule Items
Cory GwinSoftware engineer at GitHub
Cory HouseAuthor / Consultant
Couchbase (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Craig HillsSoftware Engineer
Dan KacenjarPart-time hardware hacker
DataRobot (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
David LucasKotlin Server-Side Enthusiast
David NealAmbassador of Awesome
David TruxallI know things and build things
Derik WhittakerQuicken Loans
Doug MairImproving, It's what we do!
Duane CollicottFull-stack developer, LEGO modeler, geek.
Dustin EwersConsultant at Centare
Dusty BurwellStorer of bits
Ed SniderMicrosoft MVP
Eric DowneyMobile Developer
Eric PotterSoftware Architect
Eugene MeidingerIndependent author
Galiya WarrierCloud Solution Architect (AA & AI), Microsoft
Gary FlemingAgile Provocateur
Gary ShortSuccessful Data Scientist, failed test pilot for Airfix.
Gene GotimerSoftware Architect at Coveros
Georgia WeidmanFounder and CTO Shevirah Inc.
Gerald VenzlDefender of common sense in the practical world
Graham ConzettOrange Barrel Media
Greg JordanGraph Story
Gregory BeamerThink Outside the Box!
Guy RoyseDeveloper Evangelist at Nexosis
Harold PulcherNothing up my sleeve
Henk BoelmanCloud Solution Architect & Microsoft A.I. MVP
Hilary Weaver-RobbQuality Architect
HMB (Sponsor)Gold Sponsor
Hugh McKeeLightbend Developer Advocate
Hunter GibbonsFuture Computer Engineer
Ian ZelikmanSerial bug producer
ICC (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Izzi BikunSenior Developer at Kroger
Jack BennettPrincipal Consultant - Improving, Columbus OH
Jackie MichlDelivery Lead at Detroit Labs
James BalmertDirector of Craftsmanship at Manifest Solutions
Jamie WrightI am the one who knocks
Jared FarisJared *the* Nerd
Jared RhodesCloud, Mobile, IoT
Jason BockPractice Lead at Magenic
Jason RobeyVP Technology Solutions at Burke, Inc.
Jay HarrisProblem Solver at Arana Software
Jeff BlankenburgAmazon Alexa
Jeff ButlerSenior Platform Architect, Pivotal Software
Jeff KatzCitizen of Earth
Jeff McKenziePrincipal Consultant, Cardinal Solutions
Jeff MorganCEO Industrial Logic Canada
Jenna CharltonSenior tester, cat mom, fan of the graps
Jennifer MarsmanMicrosoft, Principal Engineer
Jennifer WadellaFounder, Kansas City Women in Technology
Jeremiah BryantMobile Engineer - Android Enthusiast at Dynamit
Jeremy MillerSenior Software Architect, Calavista Software
Jeremy SellarsLifetime learner, software developer
Jesse LibertyIndependent programmer and author
Jessica MauerhanPHP Engineer
JetBrains (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Jim ManicoSecure Coding Education
Joe WirtleyWirtley Consulting LLC
Joel LordJavascript Junkie
John DagesFusion Alliance
John MeltonAppSec Lead at Oracle, NSGBU
John Morehousebat whisperer
Jon SkeetStaff Software Engineer at Google
Jonathan PinlacMobile Developer at Detroit Labs
Josh TucholskiInstructor for Tech Elevator
Kalvin TuelHuman, happiness bringer, software gardener - In that order
Kasey BonifacioDeveloper at Sparkbox
Keith ElderThe hardest thing about programming is typing.
Keith KurakMobile Developer at Nudge Coach
Ken Pattontech lead/advisor
Kendall MillerGibraltar Software
Kevin DevineSenior Software Engineer
Kevin GriffinOwner of Swift Kick, Microsoft MVP
Kevin GrossnicklausPresident, ArchitectNow
Kevin MarshDeveloper at Kinship
Kim PreeceImproving
Kimberly ClavinEverlasting Gobbstopper - Changes Color, Can Never Be Finished, and Never Gets Smaller
Kirk KaiserAPM Evangelist at Datadog
Lindsey WildDeveloper at Sparkbox
Manifest Solutions (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor, Booth W3
Mat WargerSenior Consultant with Keyhole Software
Matt PerrinSystem Test Engineer Lead, Progressive Insurance
Matt WeimerDeveloper at ICC
Matt WilliamsRenaissance Person in Training
Matthew JonesLead Software Developer - U-Haul
Matthew SmithNextGen Agilist with Manifest Solutions
Mercedes WyssCTO at Produactivity, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and Auth0 Ambassador
Michael DowdenEntrepreneur. Coder. Gamer. Geek.
Michael FazioSenior Software Engineer at Skyline Technologies
Michael YotiveSoftware Developer at Big Nerd Ranch
Mike AmundsenLead API Architect, API Academy
Mike GeigHead of Global Evangelism Content, Unity Technologies
MongoDB (Sponsor)Platinum Sponsor
Nathan LodingHusband, father, developer, hacker ... nerd.
Nathan RambeckFrontend Engineer
Nathaniel NealNathaniel is a super-cool and awesome young man who loves playing bass guitar, whittling wood, and flying paper airplanes
Neal LindsayLikes JavaScript unironically
Nelida VelazquezApplication Developer
Olivia LiddellCloud Training Specialist at Cloudbakers
Ondrej BalasInfusing business with modern technology
Oracle (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Oren EiniFounder of Hibernating Rhinos
Patrick Badleydeveloper/team lead/athlete/traveler
PJ HagertyFounder of DevRelate.io and Chief Community Officer
Rachel and Nathan Coulter KidsTeaching.tech It takes one to teach one
Raj SubramanianDeveloper Evangelist
Randall KoutnikTwice as absorbent as the leading brand
Rebecca R. CarterYour friendly neighborhood statistician
Rick ClymerQA Lead at OnShift
Robert HurlbutThreat Modeling Architect/Lead at Bank of America
Robert LairThe Software Honey Badger
Ron DagdagSenior Software Engineer
Ronda BergmanFounder / Lead Consultant
Ryan AlbertsonLead UX Architect @ Ford
Ryan BalesDirector of Analytics at DialogTech
Ryan BoozSenior DBA and BI Analyst
Ryan RiddellManager of Kittens and Wyverns
Ryan WeaverTutorial StoryTeller at SymfonyCasts
Sam CorderIndependend mobile developer
Samuel HollifieldOak Ridge National Lab Student Researcher
Sara GibbonsQuikly, Director of Engineering #DetroitNeverLeft
Sarah WitheePolyglot software engineer, Arcadia.io
Sarala PandeyHuntington National Bank
Scott ConnerlyFILDI like Ze Frank
Scott DrakeTech VP, Leadership Trainer
Scott WeberAndroid dev @ Expedia
Seth Petry-JohnsonPointy-haired boss by day, coder by night
Seth VargoDeveloper Advocate at Google
Simon BennettsMozilla Security Engineer and OWASP ZAP Project Lead
Stephen ChinGroundbreaker
Stephen SharyLead, Full-Stack Developer at Kroger
Steve GrunwellSenior Software Engineer, Liquid Web
Steve MadsenAssisted by Siena and Natalie Madsen
Steven HicksSenior JavaScript Engineer
Steven SwensonDeveloper, Lion Tamer, Spanish Conquistador
Suganthi GiridharanSenior Software Engineer
Sydney FrandsenSoftware Tester at TechSmith Corporation
Taylor KrusenAssociate Developer Advocate at Smartsheet
Thomas HaverHuntington National Bank
Tim CoreySoftware Development Trainer
Tim LeMasterRoot Insurance, Senior Software Engineer
TMW Systems (Sponsor)Adamantium Sponsor
Tommy GravesLead Software Engineer at Root
Victor PudelskiV.P. of Solutions for TSC, LLC
Waldo G"gifs", with the "j" sound in "graphical"
Walt RitscherSenior Staff Instructor - LinkedIn Learning/Lynda
Zach SteindlerDuo Security
Տteve RussellManifest Solutions, Consultant